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Payment Options

RTC accepts Cash, Check, Money Order, and Credit Card Payments.

*The Mobilization Payment is a Down payment, required before the job is scheduled and before any workers, machinery, or materials are deployed to the job.


Please give cash payments directly to the RTC Foreman performing your job, or deliver your payment in person to our office location.

Check and Money Order

Please make checks or Money Orders payable to:

       Richard Trumbull Construction
       PO Box 369
       Sumner, WA 98390

You can hand your check directly to the RTC Foreman performing your job, or you can mail to the PO box address above. Or you can deliver your check in person to our office location if you prefer. 

Credit Card

We can now take your payment online! Simply click on the link below. You will be transferred to a Square secure payment portal where you can enter in your payment details instantly. 

checkout-link-qr-code (2).png

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