About Us

Rick Trumbull

I have worked for big companies with hundreds of employees that have been driven by profit for so long that they don’t take the quality of work and the quality of the people and use it to their advantage. As a small business owner, I want Trumbull Construction to be the kind of company where quality is our first priority.

I have been going on job sites since I was eight years old. I grew up in this industry and I have extremely high standards for the way jobs should be done. What sets us apart is that we like to listen to our guys and let them show us or tell us if they have a better idea of how we should complete a project. If we don’t listen to our team, we don’t grow and we don’t provide a better result than everyone else. I believe that if you take care of your staff, if you show them more respect and provide them with a decent wage, they will work harder to make the company successful. That’s the culture I want to grow here.

For over 20 years I worked in Seattle on a construction team that was called in to do the jobs that nobody else would or could do. This experience taught me to always have every scenario planned out in my head and to be ready for anything when going into a job. As an owner, I approach every project with this level of forethought. My team brings equipment and parts for every known problem or unknown surprise and we get the job done regardless of setbacks. I was surrounded by a lot of good people and was taught a lot of good, old-school ways to just dig in and get the job done.

Communication is another thing that sets us apart. If we can’t do a job, we won’t take the job. If we can, we will communicate any timing restrictions to the customer and work within our schedule and theirs to do the best job possible. We are professional and constant communication is important to keeping our reputation with clients and with our staff.

There is nothing that my team is not trained for and nothing we can’t do. If we are asked to bid a job and our availability isn’t right for the customer, we’ve been known to turn jobs down rather than sacrifice the quality of work we do for others. It’s a matter of our reputation and we take it very seriously.

Our company is honest, we’re loyal and we’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. That’s my main goal, that we both walk away happy with the project. I’m proud of every job we do. I really am.


Licenses & Certifications

Richard Trumbull Construction & Excavating is Bonded, Licensed & Insured.

Contractors Lic. #RICHATC866D4

Small Business Certified for Tacoma – Cert. #622.

OMWBE Certification #D2W0025707

HUD Certified as an approved 203(k) Consultant – with the ability to rehabilitate homes within the 203(k) HUD program.

We are also part of the Ariba Network.